Freedom of Tyr

Week 9 Interlude Part I
Adventure Log Entry 3

In the aftermath of Kalak’s fall, a number of slower moving events are taking place that you are having the option of influencing:

Veiled Alliance Divulgence

Many within Tyr’s Veiled Alliance (of which Olog is now a member, and the rest of the party auxiliaries) support the long term goal of Divulgence – revealing the Alliance and to the public and educating the public about preserving magic. Officially, with Kalak’s death, the Alliance is no longer explicitly illegal, but public perception is still very negative. A few within the group are pushing for mass exposure – entering a public square together and causing grass/plants to grow, coordinated with a large public awareness campaign to improve the perception of preserving arcanists. In a meeting at the headquarters, with the faces obscured of all present, you listened to Acritus describe the issues of Divulgence.

The current plan was to set up a dummy public headquarters for the Alliance, under another name, that would begin distributing propaganda describing the differences between preserving and defiling magic, eventually aiming to reveal the identities of known defilers. It was a compromise between the pro- and anti-Divulgence factions within the Alliance. They plan to continue this campaign for some months before judging its effect on the public sentiment.

You also suggested calling out one of the known defilers for an honor duel after some time, although several members of the Alliance dislike the idea.

Calming the Tyrian Populace

Riots and looting are frequent in the month after Kalak’s fall, partly due to the lawlessness of many areas of the city, and party due to the poor economy.

You successfully reopened the gladiatorial arena after some time. You fought a highly entertaining (PvP) battle in which Olog emerged victorious. The effort expended to discuss the plans with the council, dispel rumors surrounding the arena, advertise for the event, and set up management for the arena after the fight consumed the first month of the interlude.

Treasure Hunting

The party split up on the journey to Urik. Olog, Carric, and Kamakuras set off in search of the lost Vault of House Madar. They found the Vault after a full two months of searching through the desert, and have so far only discovered undead horrors within.

Spying on Urik

The other two members of the party, Stout and Dewmon, continued on to Urik, where they have successfully infiltrated the Urik military after surviving a fight in the Pit of Black Death.

Week 6-8 Tyrian Iron Mine
Adventure Log Entry 4

Lieutenant Ezar, impressed with your delicate handling of the Halfling situation in the Warrens, recommended you to House Vordon. The issue at hand was labor disputes in the Tyrian iron mines, and you were dispatched with some haste to resolve the matter. The representative to whom you spoke promised a small share in the iron mine if the dispute could be resolved quickly, since an unproductive iron mine (the chief driving force of the Tyrian economy) could cause a complete collapse of the already unstable Tyrian economy.

After the two day journey to the iron mines, you found a sizable mining camp with a large number of miners, a few Templar, and a few representatives of House Vordon. The miners, all former slaves, were demanding significant compensation for the deadly mining work, in addition to guarantees of better mining safety and improved living conditions. The Templar claimed the demands were outrageous and would make the mine completely unprofitable to the city of Tyr.

After speaking to one of the leaders of the miners, you learned of at least once source of danger in the mines that might be preventable; Hej-kins claim large areas underground throughout the mine as ancestral territory, and the “hej-kin’s curse” claims a few miners every month.

A group of miners agreed to lead you to the last site of the hej-kin raids, but would not venture with you deeper into the tunnels than that. Following a set of tracks deeper, you came across a small tribe of hej-kin, with whom you fought briefly. They surrendered, and after significant persuasion, you learned from the hej-kin that they only attacked the surface dwellers when they desecrated sacred ground (and they provided information for how to avoid said hallowed sites), and that the so-called hej-kin’s curse was not actually of their doing. After further investigation, you discovered the root cause of the deaths was not any curse, but rather arsenic poisoning from deposits in the mine.

Upon returning to the surface, you warned the miners to avoid the sacred hej-kin sites, and you instructed them on how to spot veins of arsenopyrite. The miners were stunned by your results and asked that you help mediate on their behalf with the Templar in charge of the mining operation.

Negotiations dissolved quickly. The Templar demanded that the miners return to work for the good of Tyr, and the miners demanded a share in the profits of the mine and better living and working conditions. It was unclear who struck first, but the situation descended into chaos quickly. The Templar and their guards were stronger, but the miners were in greater numbers, and with your help the miners prevailed (after two miners butchered the lead Templar with a set of chains).

At this point, the representative of House Vordon, Gavin Vordon, intervened. He offered the miners a full quarter ownership of the mine, in exchange for returning to work immediately. He told you quietly that with the Templar of the mine dead, the focus of the miners’ anger was gone, and that your help in the fight ensured a quick resolution with few miner casualties. It was also strongly implied that you would be largely credited with the operation, and that the leader of House Vordon, Davith Vordon, wanted to see you when you returned to Tyr.

It became clear upon returning and meeting with Davith Vordon and the rest of the Tyr Transitional Council that this credit was also to focus blame for the death of the Templar on your group, rather than on the miners or House Vordon. The council thanked you personally (or at least, the four non-Templar members thanked you), and stated that they might have use for you in the future, in particular in dealing with a potential threat from the city-state of Urik.

Aftermath / Other Events

In the five days you have been gone, the economy of Tyr has continued to decline, and rampant inflation has nearly doubled all prices (reflected in your character sheets by halving the current value of the GP you carry).

You checked in with your friend/pet Braxat, who unfortunately is not yet able to start performing in the gladiatorial arena as it has not yet reopened. He has been participating in street games, however, and enjoying himself.

Shortly after returning to the city, Olog received another cryptic note, this time directing him to a particular location and time where he could meet “others like himself.” (This did not refer to other Goliaths/Half-Giants, as he interpreted it) After following a set of instructions left at the first location, the group was led outside of the city by a single robed figure, to a clearing in the Tyr valley with some relatively dense plant life. Olog was then directed to cast a spell. Seeing that the spell did not cause the plants to wither and die, he was told that he had passed the “Green Test”; a defiler would have been outed and killed. For a second test, the party entered UnderTyr and navigated a short maze to find an ancient temple, guarded by wraith-like crimson knights. Olog and the party passed this test as well, not being overtly evil, and Olog was promptly offered membership in the Veiled Alliance.

Week 5 - Water Shortages
Adventure Log Entry 3

After leaving the Face in the Stone and escaping from Yarnath’s monstrous moving citadel, Slither, you returned to Tyr to collect your reward from House Shom, only to find Tyr’s economy less stable than when you left. In your ten day journey, prices in Tyr have doubled (reflected in your GP totals by halving the value of your Tyrian currency), and a number of merchants are refusing to accept Tyrian currency. The representative you met from House Shom previously was not present; another Shom house member was arguing with a dwarf about caravans between Tyr and Nibenay when you arrived. He thanked you for rescuing the caravan and would pay the agreed upon price in Tyrian currency, but after some convincing agreed to pay the fee in Nibenise currency after a few days time.

You retired to the former slave quarters of Dewmon’s mother, who complained of long water lines. After some investigation, it seems there are two causes for this – the political changes in the city (the fact that a number of nobles no longer need to care for the slaves that they owned, forcing former slaves to use the city wells instead), and that one of the wells in the relatively dense warrens was being blocked off due to a halfling infestation.

Talking to a few city guards, you learn that a few of the halflings have strange control over some plant life (there have always been rumors of halflings in the mountains possessing strange powers over nature) and that the halflings in the warrens have control over a Braxat somehow.

The first group of halflings are fairly typical for the species – the warrens have always housed a few of their kind – but the last one alive screams “Surrender!” in Common – something no halfling you’ve ever met has been able to do. Communicating with him psionically leads to the revelation that a few outsider halflings from the mountains have organized some of the city halflings into taking over the area around the warrens’ well. As you approached the well, you saw that two of the outsider halflings were chanting around the well, causing plantlife to grow from around the well faster than should be possible. You bartered with them – you would talk to the city guards about securing more universal rights for the halflings as Tyrians and the outsider halflings would both allow free access to the well to unarmed citizens and attempt to prevent the more feral halflings from attacking them in the process.

The guards were surprised by the request but acquiesced, and the first unarmed guard is able to draw water from the well under the watchful eyes of the halflings.

You also learned that not all of the halflings were willing to work with the outsider druid halflings – and you searched the warrens for another group of halflings. This group possessed the Braxat mentioned by the guards, and you knocked out most of the halflings after psionically convincing the Braxat to cooperate in exchange for life as a gladiator. I believe the plan was for you five to sponsor him as an arena fighter (managed by Dewmon’s mother, which will take some upfront cash but likely net you some connections and money in the future.

You impressed the city guardsman leading the Warrens division, Lieutenant Ezar. He mentioned that he would put in a good word for you with a few of the nobles and Templar that he knows – and that skilled mercenaries were highly valued at the moment, given the instability of Tyr.

Week 2-4 - Marauders of the Dune Sea
Adventure Log Entry 2

Since escaping the life of a slave by city mandate, you’ve taken a quick mercenary job for House Shom tracking down one of their caravans and the Face in the Stone.

The Face in the stone turned out to be the entrance to a large cave – a branch of which contained a small community of hejkins. The other branch led to the ruins of a temple to Ul-Athra, a long dead primordial (killed by the Dragon generations ago).

After fighting past a few groups of undead (and some mold creatures in the old temple storage), you were confronted by another group of mercenaries, claiming House Shom sent requests far and wide asking for help with your current expedition.

You convinced them to aid you (or at least not fight you) and they backstabbed you at the first opportunity – when the temple’s treasure was in sight. You killed the silk wyrm guarding the treasure (after it killed two of the mercenaries who had betrayed you).

You are now in the possession of a piece of Ul-Athra’s Crown of Dust.

Week 1 - Gladiatorial Combat
Adventure Log Entry 1

You began as slaves in Tyr, having been purchased to build King Kalak’s Ziggurat. The Ziggurat complete, the apparent plan was to dispose of the excess workforce through gladiatorial games, which would simultaneously serve as a dedication ceremony for the new structure.

You were split into two somewhat disparate teams, but managed to survive your first session in the Great Stadium. Before you could fight again, there was a disturbance from the Ziggurat, as a huge spike of obsidian pierced the structure, arcane energy arching from it to King Kalak, radiating defiling magic throughout the arena. The gladiator Rikus threw a spear at Kalak, which appeared to disrupt his ritual, and a small group, including Rikus and the High Templar Tithian, were seen chasing the King back to his Golden Tower.

In the confusion, you convinced the one remaining guard to leave you alone for a bit and you managed to escape. After a bit of time looting the empty city, and leaving a message for Dewmon’s mother, you returned to the arena, where the High Templar Tithian announces that the evil tyrant Kalak is dead. Tithian says that Kalak was attempting to use the drained life energies of the entire population of Tyr to transform himself into a dragon, and that during this process he was slain by the joint efforts of the gladiators Rikus and Neeva, the slave Sadira, the senator Agis of Asticles, and himself. Tithian has crowned himself king, and announces that his first act is to free the slaves of Tyr.

As newly freed slaves, you are given 100 GP1 each, but (for the time being) still only have quarters in the old slave areas of the city. This is in addition to whatever you stole from either the gladiators arena or from the general store. I know Stout expressed an interest in returning his items and/or compensating the owner of the general store, now that you’re no longer quite so desperate.

As you left the arena, you were spotted by a dwarf from House Shom, who recognized Stout as the crystal-being from the last fight. He was impressed by your display in the arena, and asks if you might meet with him at a later date to discuss some business.

1 I’m still using GP, even though in this case you are in fact receiving ceramic coins representing Tyrian currency. Different currencies won’t matter terribly until you start travelling to other cities.


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