Tyr is located just to the east of the Ringing Mountains. Tyr was ruled by the sorcerer-king Kalak until he was overthrown on the verge of his ascension. It is now ruled by Tithian, and is the only free-city of the region, banning the practice of slavery. It shares much in common with its historical quasi-namesake Tyre, including a monopoly over purple dye.

With Kalak’s death, Tyr has adopted the Free Year calendar; any dates that appear will be relative to this.


Roughly fifteen thousand people within the city walls, and about an equal number in the noble estates and villages outside the walls in the Tyr Valley. Humans make up the bulk of the population (70%), with dwarves (10%), goliaths (9%), muls (6%), and elves (3%) making up most of the rest.


Seventeen public wells exist.

Political Instability

Tyr is currently in a period of flux, following Kalak’s fall. The city is experiencing rampant inflation, and many former slaves have turned to looting in the absence of paid work.

Tyr’s ruling class – the merchants, nobility, and templar – are working with King Tithian in a transitional council. They are tasked with quelling the riots, stabilizing the Tyrian economy, and establishing policy for the post-Kalak Tyr.

The council includes:

A number of commoners and former slaves have attained some recognition as leaders of their respective groups, and there is pressure on the council to seat a member from one of these groups.


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