Dark Sun Themes

Choosing a Theme

You choose a theme at character creation. If you wish to switch themes between Acts or when leveling up, let me know – it would represent significant retraining on the part of your character and would likely need to coincide with large events in the game universe.

You automatically gain the theme’s granted power, and can take additional theme powers instead of class powers at higher levels. You also qualify for feats and paragon paths based on your theme.

Theme Description
Athasian Minstrel Entertainer, adviser, or assassin
Dune Trader Agent of the Merchant Houses
Elemental Priest Worshiper of the Primal Elements
Gladiator Warrior forged in the arena
Noble Adept Privileged and tutored in the Way
Templar Agent of a sorcerer-king
Veiled Alliance Secret practitioner of magic
Wasteland Nomad Raider or scout of the desert
Wilder Hero gifted with psionic talent

Dark Sun Themes

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