Freedom of Tyr

Week 9 Interlude Part I

Adventure Log Entry 3

In the aftermath of Kalak’s fall, a number of slower moving events are taking place that you are having the option of influencing:

Veiled Alliance Divulgence

Many within Tyr’s Veiled Alliance (of which Olog is now a member, and the rest of the party auxiliaries) support the long term goal of Divulgence – revealing the Alliance and to the public and educating the public about preserving magic. Officially, with Kalak’s death, the Alliance is no longer explicitly illegal, but public perception is still very negative. A few within the group are pushing for mass exposure – entering a public square together and causing grass/plants to grow, coordinated with a large public awareness campaign to improve the perception of preserving arcanists. In a meeting at the headquarters, with the faces obscured of all present, you listened to Acritus describe the issues of Divulgence.

The current plan was to set up a dummy public headquarters for the Alliance, under another name, that would begin distributing propaganda describing the differences between preserving and defiling magic, eventually aiming to reveal the identities of known defilers. It was a compromise between the pro- and anti-Divulgence factions within the Alliance. They plan to continue this campaign for some months before judging its effect on the public sentiment.

You also suggested calling out one of the known defilers for an honor duel after some time, although several members of the Alliance dislike the idea.

Calming the Tyrian Populace

Riots and looting are frequent in the month after Kalak’s fall, partly due to the lawlessness of many areas of the city, and party due to the poor economy.

You successfully reopened the gladiatorial arena after some time. You fought a highly entertaining (PvP) battle in which Olog emerged victorious. The effort expended to discuss the plans with the council, dispel rumors surrounding the arena, advertise for the event, and set up management for the arena after the fight consumed the first month of the interlude.

Treasure Hunting

The party split up on the journey to Urik. Olog, Carric, and Kamakuras set off in search of the lost Vault of House Madar. They found the Vault after a full two months of searching through the desert, and have so far only discovered undead horrors within.

Spying on Urik

The other two members of the party, Stout and Dewmon, continued on to Urik, where they have successfully infiltrated the Urik military after surviving a fight in the Pit of Black Death.



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