Freedom of Tyr

Week 5 - Water Shortages

Adventure Log Entry 3

After leaving the Face in the Stone and escaping from Yarnath’s monstrous moving citadel, Slither, you returned to Tyr to collect your reward from House Shom, only to find Tyr’s economy less stable than when you left. In your ten day journey, prices in Tyr have doubled (reflected in your GP totals by halving the value of your Tyrian currency), and a number of merchants are refusing to accept Tyrian currency. The representative you met from House Shom previously was not present; another Shom house member was arguing with a dwarf about caravans between Tyr and Nibenay when you arrived. He thanked you for rescuing the caravan and would pay the agreed upon price in Tyrian currency, but after some convincing agreed to pay the fee in Nibenise currency after a few days time.

You retired to the former slave quarters of Dewmon’s mother, who complained of long water lines. After some investigation, it seems there are two causes for this – the political changes in the city (the fact that a number of nobles no longer need to care for the slaves that they owned, forcing former slaves to use the city wells instead), and that one of the wells in the relatively dense warrens was being blocked off due to a halfling infestation.

Talking to a few city guards, you learn that a few of the halflings have strange control over some plant life (there have always been rumors of halflings in the mountains possessing strange powers over nature) and that the halflings in the warrens have control over a Braxat somehow.

The first group of halflings are fairly typical for the species – the warrens have always housed a few of their kind – but the last one alive screams “Surrender!” in Common – something no halfling you’ve ever met has been able to do. Communicating with him psionically leads to the revelation that a few outsider halflings from the mountains have organized some of the city halflings into taking over the area around the warrens’ well. As you approached the well, you saw that two of the outsider halflings were chanting around the well, causing plantlife to grow from around the well faster than should be possible. You bartered with them – you would talk to the city guards about securing more universal rights for the halflings as Tyrians and the outsider halflings would both allow free access to the well to unarmed citizens and attempt to prevent the more feral halflings from attacking them in the process.

The guards were surprised by the request but acquiesced, and the first unarmed guard is able to draw water from the well under the watchful eyes of the halflings.

You also learned that not all of the halflings were willing to work with the outsider druid halflings – and you searched the warrens for another group of halflings. This group possessed the Braxat mentioned by the guards, and you knocked out most of the halflings after psionically convincing the Braxat to cooperate in exchange for life as a gladiator. I believe the plan was for you five to sponsor him as an arena fighter (managed by Dewmon’s mother, which will take some upfront cash but likely net you some connections and money in the future.

You impressed the city guardsman leading the Warrens division, Lieutenant Ezar. He mentioned that he would put in a good word for you with a few of the nobles and Templar that he knows – and that skilled mercenaries were highly valued at the moment, given the instability of Tyr.



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