Freedom of Tyr

Week 2-4 - Marauders of the Dune Sea

Adventure Log Entry 2

Since escaping the life of a slave by city mandate, you’ve taken a quick mercenary job for House Shom tracking down one of their caravans and the Face in the Stone.

The Face in the stone turned out to be the entrance to a large cave – a branch of which contained a small community of hejkins. The other branch led to the ruins of a temple to Ul-Athra, a long dead primordial (killed by the Dragon generations ago).

After fighting past a few groups of undead (and some mold creatures in the old temple storage), you were confronted by another group of mercenaries, claiming House Shom sent requests far and wide asking for help with your current expedition.

You convinced them to aid you (or at least not fight you) and they backstabbed you at the first opportunity – when the temple’s treasure was in sight. You killed the silk wyrm guarding the treasure (after it killed two of the mercenaries who had betrayed you).

You are now in the possession of a piece of Ul-Athra’s Crown of Dust.



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