Freedom of Tyr

Week 1 - Gladiatorial Combat

Adventure Log Entry 1

You began as slaves in Tyr, having been purchased to build King Kalak’s Ziggurat. The Ziggurat complete, the apparent plan was to dispose of the excess workforce through gladiatorial games, which would simultaneously serve as a dedication ceremony for the new structure.

You were split into two somewhat disparate teams, but managed to survive your first session in the Great Stadium. Before you could fight again, there was a disturbance from the Ziggurat, as a huge spike of obsidian pierced the structure, arcane energy arching from it to King Kalak, radiating defiling magic throughout the arena. The gladiator Rikus threw a spear at Kalak, which appeared to disrupt his ritual, and a small group, including Rikus and the High Templar Tithian, were seen chasing the King back to his Golden Tower.

In the confusion, you convinced the one remaining guard to leave you alone for a bit and you managed to escape. After a bit of time looting the empty city, and leaving a message for Dewmon’s mother, you returned to the arena, where the High Templar Tithian announces that the evil tyrant Kalak is dead. Tithian says that Kalak was attempting to use the drained life energies of the entire population of Tyr to transform himself into a dragon, and that during this process he was slain by the joint efforts of the gladiators Rikus and Neeva, the slave Sadira, the senator Agis of Asticles, and himself. Tithian has crowned himself king, and announces that his first act is to free the slaves of Tyr.

As newly freed slaves, you are given 100 GP1 each, but (for the time being) still only have quarters in the old slave areas of the city. This is in addition to whatever you stole from either the gladiators arena or from the general store. I know Stout expressed an interest in returning his items and/or compensating the owner of the general store, now that you’re no longer quite so desperate.

As you left the arena, you were spotted by a dwarf from House Shom, who recognized Stout as the crystal-being from the last fight. He was impressed by your display in the arena, and asks if you might meet with him at a later date to discuss some business.

1 I’m still using GP, even though in this case you are in fact receiving ceramic coins representing Tyrian currency. Different currencies won’t matter terribly until you start travelling to other cities.



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